Whispers of Grey

The Information Exchange

The crew of the Vena Cava was told to go buy an info chip off of Suilo Kashel, Jabba’s inside source in one of the most prestigious security firms on Woostoid. The problem was, she was under imperial surveillance, so they had to contact her without tipping them off or it would blow her cover. They couldn’t just kill the imp agents watching her, because the Admiral in charge of the intelligence agency responsible for them was there on shore leave with his ISD docked in orbit above the city. They managed to contact her by Pecara jamming signals, which they diverted attention from by Neadomi causing a small explosion in a communications facility nearby. They also distracted the imperial agents watching her by sending out their gammorean crew-member naked on the beach within sight, which caused quite a disturbance that Fanta “helped” with.

Duke was given the task of the actual information exchange. They decided to cover it by making look as if he were going out on a date with her. In order to make it look as normal as possible, they met at a cafe and talked about how to do the drop over a romantic-looking lunch. They decided to go to the performance of a famous Bothan orator who was in town and do the exchange at the concert hall. Tillia got in with the crew of the stage a day prior to scope out security. She posed as a new intern stage hand learning about performance and was successful in helping plan exit strategy, and also had access to the roof where she set up a sniping position just in case.

Even with all this planning, the plan did not go as intended. The Admiral also attended the performance, so security was stepped up incredibly. To try to ensure they might get away clean, Sans sabotaged the imperial speeders and other security vehicles outside. Unfortunately, this led the officers watching Suilo to think she was making a move and so went in immediately to arrest her. They had to madly scramble to get out, and got locked in a fire fight outside the concert hall. Neadomi threw a grenade into the panicked crowd of civilian concert attendees, shouting the catchphrase of an alien terrorist group to attempt to divert attention from them in the investigation sure to follow afterward. After a chase in an imperial van, they made good their escape after ditching the van and scrambling to their ship. They managed to get off planet immediately before the port was put in lockdown, taking Suilo with them.

Suilo was NOT happy, and neither was Jabba, but Sans managed to convince him to give them another chance. They asked Suilo what was on the information chip, and she told them it was the layout of the Volrai Shadow Depository.

The Fall of Mel'u
The first installment

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